CCTV for school buses

CCTV for school buses

Rent – a – CCTV” are specialist in the design, supply & integration of security surveillance & tracking solutions for school buses in India. Safety is essential when it comes to our children school buses are undoubtedly the most convenient means for student transportation, but there are a number of safety issues that are faced by students travelling by school buses, hence there are a number of laws in place for ensuring safety, because of various incidents happening around there have been rules made on school bus management by the concerned authorities in India to assure safety & a secure ride for the students & relief for the parents.

Z PLUS is a leading provider for surveillance solutions & GPS tracking systems for school buses, our solution will facilitate the school administration not only to keep a track of the moving vehicle through GPS but also record the activities happening inside the vehicle.


  • Our mobile DVR solutions supports web based interface which is easy to configure & operate the
  • High quality image – our MDVR solution provides high resolution image for evidence & tracking.
  • Our MDVR solution’s support gps functions for vehicle tracking & location verification on google or
  • Microsoft virtual maps. The gps can be accessed easily from any video server web based interface
    or through our software.
  • Our mobile DVR solution offer school administration to manage a fleet of buses. A – Tracking route efficiency. B – Idle time / when a vehicle was at a particular pick up time
  • Central monitoring & management – our MDVR solutions are scalable & flexible to work
    with a wide range of CMS & management systems for video review & analysis.
  • Recording can be instantly played back on any computer on- remote view log player.

To discuss your requirement for CCTV solution & GPS tracking solution for school bus or a fleet of buses & in order to arrange a free security consultation call us on – +91 22 27552551 / 2 / 3

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